Independent Professional Manchester and Leeds Switch Female, Pearl who visits London on a monthly basis

The Art of Submission

Safe and consensual role play (or none if that is your wish) for demanding connoisseurs of female submission and switching in MANCHESTER and LEEDS. All locations have¬†domestic settings. Manchester and London have a Head’s Study and playroom too.


Phone:  07947 333 967

Now that you have found my website, I would like to reward you with a tantalising glimpse into my world of discipline, restraint and submission. Tracking down your perfect submissive has no doubt been a most frustrating search, but I am sure your hunt is now over and I am eager to tell you something about the games I like to play.

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Let me begin by telling you that I am obsessed with all things fetish and bizarre. I adore wearing my school uniform, squeezing into girdles and being laced and buckled into corsets. Think of me as a submissive puppet whose only defences are a deceptively innocent appearance and a silent plea for mercy. Inevitably I am fated to find myself in all sorts of knotty situations, fall slavishly at the feet of Masters and take my chastisement as a naughty schoolgirl or disobedient charge.

Be assured that my passion for role play would meet your most demanding challenges and prepare me to take the level of punishment you believe I deserve. The canes, straps and bondage furniture that line my domestic space are not for decoration or ornament, but are there to be used in your strict or dominant fantasy that can vary in theme and intensity according to your wish and mood.

Please browse my list of services, take a leisurely tour around my chambers and galleries, and leaf through my blog. I am sure that once you have seen and read how I have put me through my paces, found ingenious ways to humiliate me and have delighted in punishing me, you will want to test my endurance for yourself.

As you can see, my sessions are about fantasy and are charged with action and imagination, and although I am always willing to try something new or creative, I will never attempt anything that is risky or potentially dangerous.

Finally, please remember that although I seldom use my safeword, everything that happens in my sessions is consensual and under no circumstances are personal services ever part of my submissive repertoire.


Miss Pearl